Hexagon’s Manufacturing Intelligence division announced the HP-L-10.10, a non-contact laser sensor for Coordinate Measuring Machines (CMMs) that offers manufacturers the ability to perform dimensional measurements at comparable accuracy to tactile probing and inspect almost any surface in a fraction of the time. Manufacturers using CMMs for critical part measurements have become accustomed to trading speed for accuracy. The HP-L-10.10 sensor utilizes Hexagon’s latest cross-platform laser line scanning technology to offer similar repeatability and performance compared to tactile measurements executed on the same CMM. Furthermore, it can measure 600,000 individual points per second with a probing form error of just 8μm, rapidly capturing a complete high-resolution digital representation of a part that is valid for both surface and detailed feature inspection. While laser scanning has been possible on CMMs, the HP-L-10.10 is 7 times faster than its predecessor and introduces high precision scanning.

The new sensor employs Hexagon’s unique SHINE (Systematic High-Intelligence Noise Elimination) technology, making it possible to scan almost any part surface or finish at maximum speed and accuracy without user intervention.

The HP-L-10.10 complements Hexagon’s extensive offering of sensor solutions for CMMs, providing manufacturers greater flexibility projects with confidence that their CMM investment can take on the broadest range of measurement applications from larger sheet-metal parts to intricate electric vehicle components. Available for the GLOBAL S productivity line and GLOBAL Advantage CMMs.

Developed in close collaboration with the device, Hexagon’s PC-DMIS inspection software enables users to automatically produce efficient laser-scanning paths by automatically generating the tips, scans, and motions needed for measurement. The software can capture a single point cloud with variable point cloud density within one motion that is valid for both surface and detailed feature inspection. Users can easily visualize surface imperfections, fully exploiting the scanner’s multi-faceted capabilities to identify perceived quality issues, imperfections to feed continuous process improvement.

When measuring large parts or remotely programming the CMM, the user’s experience is greatly enhanced by an integrated Overview Camera (OVC), that provides a clear view of the work area with visible guides on the part that indicate the measurement range. The visible guides help to warn the Quality technician when the measurement range is exceeded, allowing for easier routine creation and inspection through PC-DMIS software. The overview camera also improves productivity and collaboration during inspection, for example photographing a part surface that is out of tolerance to so the operator and production colleagues can quickly locate the problem.

The HP-L-10.10 laser-line scanner is now available worldwide. Visit Hexagon’s new Can I Measure It? micro site for resources explaining how measurement challenges are overcome with effective strategies and the best use of CMM and sensor technologies.