EMUGE-FRANKEN N.A. has expanded its thread gaging solutions to include a new line of thread ring gages to complement its thread gage offering. The new line comprises UNC and UNF Go and No-Go ring gages, in addition to metric and metric fine Go and No-Go ring gages, a total of 152 new gages.

The new EMUGE Ring Gages accompany the comprehensive line of EMUGE Fixed Limit Thread Gages, consisting of Go/ No-Go Plug Gages and Thread Depth Plug Gages that inspect the pitch diameter and functional thread for internal-threaded components.

EMUGE Go and No-Go Ring Gages are manufactured with hardened tool steel for exceptional durability and feature a fully knurled circumference for maximum gripping ability and safety. No-Go gages are clearly marked with a red ring. UNC and UNF gages have a 2A tolerance. UNC gages are available in 19 sizes from #2-56 to 2-4 ½ and UNF gages are available in 19 sizes from #0-80 to 1 ½ -12. Metric and metric fine gages have a 6g tolerance. Metric gages are available in 19 sizes from M2x.4 to M68x6 and metric fine gages are available in 19 sizes from M8x1 to M48x1. Additional sizes are also available upon request and all gages (UNC, UNF, metric and metric fine) are furnished with a short form gage certificate at no additional charge. Upon request, long form certificates are also available.

EMUGE-FRANKEN N.A. (Emuge Corp.)