GuardLink® 2.0 is a serially connected safety input solution designed to reduce downtime and installation costs. GuardLink 2.0 offers advanced diagnostics by way of the new Allen-Bradley® 432ES GuardLink EtherNet/IP™ On-Machine™ Interface or a combination of our Dual GuardLink Relay and EtherNet/IP Interface. GuardLink 2.0 protocol also enables safety-rated control device status reporting and automatic diagnostic reporting to an HMI using CIP Safety™ over EtherNet/IP.

The new 432ES GuardLink EtherNet/IP interface allows you to connect up to 96 safety devices via three independent safety channels. The interface can cascade power to additional interfaces and can keep track of timing and frequency of events to improve maintenance and create process efficiencies. The 432ES supports linear, star and Device Level Ring topologies while meeting the highest safety ratings up to SIL 3, Cat 4 PLe.

Rockwell Automation