Videray Technologies Inc., a world leader in the design and development of portable & miniaturized handheld x-ray imagers, has announced the release of the PX Ultra, the industry's first 160 keV Handheld Backscatter X-ray Imager. With the PX Ultra, operators can confidently see through even more material, with the ability to identify anomalies through up to 10mm of steel. In addition to this improved penetration, the PX Ultra packs even more safety features, with a factor of two reduction in its radiation scatter and leakage profiles. The PX Ultra is available for order now.

Videray believes that the PX Ultra will continue to accelerate the rapid global adoption of Handheld X-ray Imagers they have seen in the safety and security markets and various industrial and commercial markets using these devices for non-destructive testing (NDT) applications.

Videray Technologies Inc.