Imperium Inc. has developed a new ultrasonic imaging camera that is more compact, rugged, and versatile for technicians in the petrochemical, aerospace, and power industries.

Like Acoustocam™ i600, Acoustocam™ i700 will offer the same unparalleled quality of large area C-scan imaging and A-scan for rapid coverage for subsurface defects.

The 1700 also is 30% smaller and lighter with a much lower profile. For example, the product height goes from 7” high to 3” high. Shear wave! Now the system can easily be adjusted from zero degree straight beam operation to 70 degree shear. No special setup, accessories or software is required to easily switch between straight beam and any shear angle. Additional ruggedness. The i700 was designed for the most challenging industrial settings. Adaptable trolley built-in to scan around a variety of pipes and other curved targets.

The improvements in the i700 are based on customer feedback to our existing product line. Because of the added shear wave functionality and smaller footprint, the application set for the unit is expanded. For example, the same system can switch between corrosion to weld inspection immediately.

The Acoustocam™ product set includes:

+ Higher Probability of Detection (POD) and better accuracy than other UT devices

+ Higher resolution than phased array or single point scanning

+ Very simple and fast

+ Provides all necessary thickness and A-scan data

+ Fully complies with ASTM E317 for design of ultrasonic testing devices

+ Addresses lack of specialized NDT personnel

+ Minimal training

Imperium Inc.