Rarely is anything ever as difficult as we first imagine. More often than not, the greatest difficulty we must overcome is convincing ourselves to get started.

Imagine what would happen if we could simply stop procrastinating and just go ahead with whatever needs to be done. The fact is, we can - it's up to us.

What if all the energy we put into avoiding effort was suddenly redirected into productive action? It can happen much more easily than we might think.

What if we stopped making excuses and started taking some action? We just might make real progress? The good news is we have the ability within ourselves to do just that.

We have the power to self-start. We have the power to overcome all those complaints and worries, anxieties, doubts and excuses that typically exist only within the confines of our mind.

We control our mind, and our mind directs our actions. Make use of that awesome internal power and truly amazing things will quickly begin to happen. All we have to do is convince ourselves to just do it!