Let's talk about persistence and the role it can play in success.

In a recent conversation, the discussion got around to persistence and the role it can play in success. There are many kinds of stories related to persistence-sometimes interpreted as being stubborn or single-minded but, nonetheless, the result can be similar.

Some people tend to have deep-rooted beliefs or perspectives on the issue of persistence, that tend to affect the choices they make in very significant ways. In particular, it affects their levels of motivation and perseverance in the face of obstacles. Most success requires persistent effort. For more on this topic, I found the following in some of my notes:

Do something once and we usually learn how it's done. Do it again and we can begin to build some real skill.

If we repeat our actions a third time, we start to gain confidence. The more we repeat the process, we'll start to find ways to be much more effective.

Persistence is the reliable path to whatever it is we seek. Persistence compels us to fully understand why we have chosen to achieve our objective.

When we solidly connect to the reason why, no mere obstacle can stop us. Act, and act, and act again, and we'll feel the purposeful power of persistence start to take hold.

Persistence is how we prove to ourselves that there is a sincere purpose in what we seek. Persist and, we can indeed, make it real. Historian and writer, Edward Eggleston said, "Persistent people begin their success where others end in failure."

Where would you rather end the journey: in success or failure?