We all desire to excel in everything we do. Sometimes the difference in succeeding at what we seek is that something extra. That something extra may not be something substantive but our ability to reach out beyond our paradigms of thought.

We need to think beyond what we believe our limitations to be. The higher we aim, the higher we will go. When we push our self past what we know we can achieve, outside our comfort zone, we will discover new skills and gain new confidence in our abilities.

If it seems that you don't ever get much done, maybe it's because you're not giving yourself enough to do. Make your thoughts and ambitions big enough to be challenging and compelling.

You’ve accomplished a lot so be thankful for how far you've already come, but don't rest on your previous accomplishments. Use those achievements as starting point for even greater success.

You have shown how intelligent, adaptable, creative, flexible and effective you are at getting things done. However, you would be astounded to discover how much more you can accomplish. There is a personal, inner, thrill to the challenge of moving successfully through new, uncharted territory.

Continue to reach beyond your comfort zone to realize the confidence and success that comes from growing ever stronger.