Have you ever felt that you were not in control, that the situation of the moment was controlling your fate? No matter who you are, it can happen, but it does not have to be that way. Think about the following words of advice and encouragement. When things around you seem too confusing, hectic and out of control, focus on being extra calm and patient. If the people around you seem greedy and selfish, that is your queue to be patient, calm and sincere.

When your world becomes too confused and aimless, be extra focused and purposeful. Try to alter the world within with a positive energy. When you do this, to a certain extent, the world outside will soon reflect back to you some of the same energy you give it.

If you do not like what you see and experience, you have the ability to change it by changing the way you are. If darkness and despair surrounds you, that is the time to think of the opportunity to illuminate your world with positive thought and actions.

Control the situation and you control the outcome. Generate the positive energy to change a little bit of your external world and transform your inner world. It is up to you. Start today to control the situation.