Achievers concern themselves with excellence, but they do not obsess over perfection. Achievers aim for success, not perfection. They get things done by doing them, not by putting them off until everything is perfect.

In the time you spend worrying, or arguing about whether or not to do something, it could have been done. In the time you spend worrying about whether it's the perfect time to start, you could be well on our way to getting it done.

Certainly you need to plan carefully, but don't forget to take action. Realize, however, that things will not always go the way you plan. Don't let that prevent you from beginning your journey. Have confidence that you'll be able to handle whatever obstacles you might encounter along the way.

Achievement and excellence are built not by fearing your mistakes, but by confidently handling the surprises that arise. The will to succeed includes the willingness to live with the real possibility that things can go wrong.

Excellence is created by working though challenges. Often those challenges are not what you imagined. You must have the courage of your convictions and the ability to learn and adapt in order to prevail.

Go beyond planning and contemplating about the ideal way and time to take action.You need to make use of whatever you have available to get it done. Achievers don't procrastinate and aren't afraid of success!