To consistently surpass expectations and achieve higher levels of success, we must be able to see the big picture. The ability to grasp the big picture is important for it is what gives us clarity and focus. If we think that the big things are beyond our reach, we won't truly realize the power of our own capabilities.

Do the little things count? Certainly they do. However, achieving the little things are expected! We must be able to manage the small details and deliver the day-to-day results. Don't ever fall into the trap of thinking that the little things aren't important. If you do, you'll continually be frustrated by your lack of progress, personally and professionally.The small details are the mortar that ties the stones of your development together.

You must have courage and the confidence to envision a magnificent goal, sometimes referred to as a BHAG (Big Hairy Audacious Goal). Keep it firmly in your mind, while giving care and attention to all the little details that will cement your foundation.

Give clear direction to your efforts, and the sustained effort to your vision. It is a time-tested formula that leads consistently to the ability to surpass expectations and allows you to achieve success. This will help others recognize that you have the vision (big picture view) that is needed to guide the organization to greater heights.