Sometimes the little opportunities seem to work out to have the biggest effect and can help transform us. Why is that? It might be that those seemingly little opportunities are the ones that have the most room for growth. Yet it is the biggest, most obvious opportunities that attract all of the attention. The bigger opportunities, by their very nature, become visible and bring the most attention.

Little opportunities tend to go mostly unnoticed. Yet for someone who makes the effort to consider them, a little opportunity can be an ideal platform on which to build value. Our lives are surrounded with little opportunities. They are numerous and widely available. They are like pennies on the floor that can easily be picked up, if we're willing to bend over. We could spend our whole life waiting for a big opportunity (which may never visualize) while many little opportunities come along every day.

Little opportunities usually offer us more latitude, flexibility and room to express our creativity. With little opportunities we can make the most of our own unique personality and passion. We need only to open our eyes to the abundance of the little opportunities that surface every day in our world.

Little, seemingly insignificant, opportunities can create big value and help transform us. Take advantage of them and don't sit around waiting for the big one to come knocking. You won't be disappointed and amazing things just might happen for you.

Think about it....