This is the day that has been given us. This is the day we now have.

There is nothing to be gained by wishing for what might have been today. There is absolutely no value in harboring resentment or regret for whatever has happened before this period in time.

What matters now is that we make the best of what we have. What matters is that we make positive use of the current circumstance and what we have.

This day has the potential to be a turning point in our lives. Years from now, we could look back, with a sense of satisfaction and fulfillment, to say this time was a watershed event that changed our lives.

How can this happen? What can we do, right now, that would cause that to happen? What value can we put into this day that will grow more eventful as time goes on?

Today, at this very moment, is the point and place for us to carry our lives forward. So where do you choose to go?

We should, however, be judicious in our direction. Choose a less worn trail where few others have gone and leave a path for others to follow. Don’t just provide a light for our journey through life but provide a beacon for all to see to follow.