Are you meeting expectations? Expect the very best, and let those expectations supply the passion and the energy to help you achieve your expectations. In the end it is mostly up to ourselves. How we react to those times when we are not meeting expectations has a tremendous impact on the result. Consider these points...

Our expectations will certainly influence the results we get, so it pays to expect the very best. What has to be done, though, when in spite of our best efforts, we are not meeting expectations?

The answer is really simple. It's as easy as adjusting to reality, making the most of what is available, adjust our sights and move forward. There's no sense in becoming dissatisfied, disappointed or disillusioned. These three D's are self-defeating and will not us bring anything of value.

If we choose to look closely, there is often positive energy resulting from failing to meet expectations. (Actually there might be more positive energy resulting from failure than from achievement but that's another story.) With each disappointment we have the opportunity to learn and apply new thinking. We have the opportunity to fine tune our approach so that our positive expectations become more attainable than before.

When we expect something of real, meaningful value, we will eventually get it, though often not in the way we initially thought. What may at one time seem to be a disappointment often turns out to be a positive step forward.

Life is filled with surprises. Even the surprises that look as if they're defeating our expectations could actually end up strengthening our position.

Through it all, think positively and continue to expect the best. The more completely and honestly we do so, the more we'll have every turn of events working in our favor.