The other day I found myself in discussion with a friend who was going through a tough time. He had come to think that his failure to accomplish an objective was a negative reflection on his professional and personal life. Our discussion ended up focusing on the following key points that I thought you would enjoy in review.

We are worth the trouble and effort required to make our life the best it can possibly be. There is so much we have to express, to experience and to contribute to the fabric of life.

We are worth the discomfort and frustration that so often challenge us with road blocks and require our best efforts. However, we are worth the pain and the effort that life sometimes offer.

Within us is the capacity for great joy and achievement. All that is required is to have the dream or challenge that we truly desire and be willing to put forth the effort that will be needed to achieve it.

Each of us are one of a kind and our spirit is filled with a driving purpose. We are worth whatever it takes to give that special purpose a enduring and meaningful expression.

Disappointments, inconveniences, pains, problems and annoyances will surely beset us from time to time. However, they are quite trivial compared to the precious possibilities that live within each of us.

We must expend whatever efforts necessary, endure whatever setbacks to go forward through whatever challenges may come along. For there is no question that each one of us are worth it.

Don’t let negativity get in our way. Positive thinking is powerful. Norman Vincent Peale said “Believe in yourself! Have faith in your abilities! Without a humble but reasonable confidence in your own powers you cannot be successful or happy.”

In the final analysis it is up to us to choose. Which will it be?