Every decision we make will have consequences. Every action we take will result in certain specific consequences.

This provides us with an enormous opportunity. Because it enables us to spend time considering and creating exactly the consequences we want or expect as outcomes.

Life is filled with an abundance of causes and effects. By carefully choosing the causes we want to bring to life, we can determine which of the effects we want to obtain.

We should consider the consequences before we act, and choose those actions that will deliver the consequences we desire. Follow that simple formula with commitment and persistence, and anything we chose to dream has a higher probability of success.

The things we do right now will set into motion profound consequences that can stretch forward into the future. For anything we can imagine there is a way to move toward it in this moment in time.

What consequences would you like to see for yourself and your world? Create a clear vision of the outcome you desire and begin the process making it happen. What are you waiting for? It's up to you.