Have you ever known someone who never took responsibility for his or her actions, or the outcome? We all have. Not willing to assume responsibility seems to be a common ailment today. The following words were part of a conversation that took place recently. I thought there might be something of interest for you.

Whatever your troubles may be, you can always find something or someone else to blame. However, there is nothing of value to be gained by blaming others.

Many factors influence the events and outcomes in your life. The best things to focus on, however, are the things you can control.

Certainly, the economy, the government or a co-worker may have inflicted some challenges in your life. So, what can be done about it. Get over it! Deal with it and move forward.

Resentment and anger will do little more than waste your time and the negative energy could be devastating to you. Building a case of blame for what has happened will drain your energy and be counterproductive to you and to those who depend on you.

Even though someone else may be to blame, consider the freedom, power and control of taking full responsibility for your own situation.

When you focus on blame, you position yourself as a helpless victim. However, who is ultimately responsible? You are! Choose to take responsibility. Those around you will see the energy and power that is created by your actions.

Taking responsibility earns you respect. When you accept responsibility you are accepting the blame for your actions and also accepting the responsibility for making improvements in your life.

Accepting responsibility is a measure of one's self-worth and the sign of strength and courage. Taking responsibility can empower you to grow in ways that will bring you rewards and accomplishments in your personal and professional lives.

Anthony Robbins, author and motivational speaker, said, "Whatever happens, take responsibility." Accepting responsibility is one of the key steps to being successful, on any scale. The one quality that all successful people have is their ability to take responsibility.