When we don't feel like doing what we know we must do, that's actually the best time to go ahead and do it anyway. That's when we can break through our old habit patterns to a new level of focus, performance and achievement. How does that sound? Inspiring, motivational, encouraging, a sense of relief? We can make it happen.

That first step will require us to go against our natural tendency to put it off until later and to stay in our comfort zone, we are right now. So how do we get beyond that?

We need to use our power of visualization to do two things. First, we need to use our thoughts to make our comfort zone an uncomfortable place to be – more painful staying in this place then to not to take action.

The second thing is to visualize in great detail all the positive and desirable rewards we want to create by going ahead and getting it done. In our mind, we need to make it so compelling to take action that we just cannot avoid doing so.

Many times in the past, we’ve successfully avoided action by convincing ourselves why we cannot or why we won't do something. Now, replace that negative thought with a positive power to tell yourself why you can and why you will do it this time.

We alone control the awesome power of our thoughts. And with our positive thoughts we can successfully visualize ourselves into action. The results will be rewarding and the effect on our attitudes and approach to our personal and professional lives will be positive. We will find future challenges less daunting and look forward to even greater success and reward.