I have friends who travel the world to climb mountains. Although I'd like to experience that thrill, I know that I'll never perform that feat. Just because we know that will likely never happen, there are things we can do.
If you're not ready or able to climb a mountain, then see if you can walk up a hill. If you're not ready to walk up a hill, then take a stroll.

If you're not able to take a stroll, then you can take a step. After taking that step, you might just find out you're ready to take another.

If you have trouble imagining yourself reaching your goal, then imagine yourself taking one small, simple action in the direction of that goal. Imagine it, and then, like the Nike commercials, just do it.

After that first step, there will be another one you can take, something that's a little bit more challenging and yet not overwhelming. Keep it up, and soon your ultimate goal begins to come into view.

We can accomplish anything if we are willing to keep taking the next step when it is time to do so. What we lack in brute strength, resources, knowledge or skills, we can make up for with commitment and persistence.

We can absolutely get where we choose to go if we are committed. We just need to be persistent and focused on the journey. There is no time like the present to get started.

Keep in mind that commitment, dedication and persistence is what allows us to turn challenges into successes.