Have you ever thought about priorities? There are personal and professional priorities. In our professional lives, priorities may be set for us by those for whom we work. Let's ignore those for the purpose of this discussion.

Our priorities are not determined by what we say they are. Our most genuine priorities are expressed by what we actually do with our life and how we spend our time.

All we have to do is to look around, and we should be able to see clearly what our priorities have been, up to this point. Those priorities have brought us to where we are right now.

If something is really a priority to us, we find a way to achieve it. Conversely, if it is not a priority, it is likely not going to our dedicated time to reach it. We just won't spend the time or resources in something that isn't a priority for us.

We can set our own priorities and can change them at any time to be whatever we choose. However, merely wishing for something does not make it a priority.

The things we dedicate ourselves to action are the real priorities that we dictate where we focus our awareness and energy. The priorities that really matter are the ones in which we invest our interest, our attention, and, most importantly, our action.

We can follow whatever priorities we choose, and several times a day we are constantly choosing among many things, tasks, etc., as to which are priorities. As we go through each day and choose those things in which to spend energy and action, choose those priorities that will bring fulfillment and special meaning. It really is your choice so make the most of it.