We are often held back by thinking of the things we didn’t do or worry about the things we did do. Were they the right things? Was it enough? What will people think? This type of thinking can be paralyzing.

We need to let go of our concerns about what we could have done or should have done. We must look instead at our numerous opportunities for doing the right thing, right now!

If our regrets about the past are painful, then allow those regrets to teach and motivate us to take quicker action and do better. Right at this moment we can take the valuable lessons learned and use that knowledge to take steps to move forward.

We’ve learned that every action, as well as every failure to act, has consequences and they are seldom positive. It is our chance to enable those consequences to work in our favor.

Certainly, the past may hold some regrets as they do for everyone. Don’t dwell on the past because we have the present which can be a powerful ally if we let it.

The present can create a positive future that can be shaped by what we do today. We can choose, right now, from a large set of valuable and desirable possibilities.

Because of our past learning experiences, we are well-equipped to be our own most important advisor. If we just learn from what we’ve been through, we’ll find a way to go wherever we choose to go and what we choose to accomplish.