When our mind hears a question, it has no choice but to accept the premise of that question, and to think of a suitable response. Otherwise the question would be impossible to understand.

When we hear a particular question often enough, we naturally seek to answer it. Even if we don't realize that we're doing it, our mind will set out to find an answer.

The questions to which we're regularly exposed have a powerful influence on the direction of our lives. And many times the questions we hear come directly from us.

What questions are you asking yourself? Are they negative questions, such as wondering why you can't get anything done, or are they more positive such as what's the best thing that happened today?

Try this for the next few days. When you catch yourself asking a question, think about the kind of influence that question may have on your life. Pay attention to what you're asking yourself, and make an effort to use positive and life-affirming questions.

The questions you ask yourself will continue to influence your life long after you've forgotten what they were. Do you understand why it's such a good idea to make those questions as positive as you can?