We have all had things turn out differently than the way we expected or wanted. Maybe, it was for the best because our success may lie elsewhere.

Disappointments and setbacks can have a way of becoming positive turning points in our personal and professional lives. When something does not work out, it makes room for other possibilities.

Be careful not to attach your sense of fulfillment too tightly to specific outcomes and circumstances. For there are far more possibilities than you may have yet imagined.

Years ago, in another economic downturn, a close friend’s career stalled. He was downgraded to a lower position and was forced to relocate to another facility within his company. For a mid-career manager, this seemed like a dead end and was a temporary psychological let down.

However, in the week before going to work in his new job, he gave himself a strong dose of positive self-talk. He dedicated himself to look upon this setback as an opportunity to learn something new and create additional career networks.

For this person, the seemingly devastating career setback took an unexpected turn. In the first days in his new position, he impressed his managers which opened new windows of opportunities. It wasn’t long until he surpassed everyone's expectations. Because he decided to not let his set-back control his destiny, but to look upon it as a positive opportunity, which led to success.

Sometimes we let situations beyond our control destroy us or, at least, allow it to negatively affect our lives. Don’t let that happen! It’s alright to feel somewhat disappointed when things happen that we don’t expect; however, don’t let those disappointments take control. Use the disappointments, as my friend did, to help guide you toward where you truly want to be.

Whether the last few days have seen you move forward or fall back, new doors have most certainly been opened by whatever has happened. Choose now to focus on the most promising of your current options.

Go with the assumption that whatever happens is for the best and your success lies elsewhere, and you'll find a way to make it happen.