We need to accept that the not all the decisions we make will be perfect. There are many professional baseball players in Cooperstown Dreams Park who were only successful one third of their attempts at bat. Once we come to grips with this fact, then we can go ahead and make decisions.

Indecisiveness can create enormous amounts of wasted time. Indecisiveness encourages procrastination, which sows the seeds of despair.

Gather the best information possible, and give it some honest, objective thought. Then, go ahead and decide which way to proceed.

That way, we can spend our time actually getting things accomplished. We can focus our energy, and begin creating real results.

Sometimes we'll have to change course because we failed to make the best decision. But occasionally having to change course is much better than being continually paralyzed by indecision.

Is there something you've been putting off because you can't decide what to do? Now is a great time to show confidence in your own reasoning power. Go ahead, make a decision and be confident that you’ve done your best. You will discover that moving forward with decisiveness and confidence will translate to success.