When you've done well, take time to congratulate yourself on doing such a good job. However, don’t rest on your laurels and feel too comfortable. Set your targets to do even better. If you've successfully reached high, it is time to reach even higher.

Make it your business to set new targets and top yourself. Make it your goal to exceed your own best efforts.

As great a journey that it has been, what you've already finished achieving will not drive you forward. Before you reach each goal, be ready with another one. Every success will take you that much more forward toward your ultimate objective.

The possibilities for growth and achievement have no limit. When you're going strong, there are plenty of ways to get even stronger, better, higher.

One of the very best things about success is that it serves as the basis for greater success. Don't let your success go to waste by simply sitting on it. You will become complacent and eventually stagnate.

Find a way to exceed your increasingly aggressive targets. You've done great so far, and now it’s time to do even better. It is within your power, so what is stopping you?