No one becomes successful by complaining that life is unfair. Certainly there are many injustices in the world, and some seem aimed at us, yet we won't get anywhere by using those injustices as excuses.

Instead of focusing on what seems unfair, a far better response is to work over, under, around and through our issues. We should accept the fact that life is unfair, and choose to experience achievement and success notwithstanding.

While it is admirable to fight against unfairness and injustice, our effort might work against us. Sometimes our struggles may very well make that unfairness and injustice even stronger.

A better way to end injustice is to make it irrelevant. When we create ways for ourselves and others to succeed in spite of unfair circumstances, then we render those circumstances powerless.

The world is filled with inequity and unfairness. The world is what it is and we can only affect our small corner. If we just look, there are always plenty of workable and creative ways to rise above those negative circumstances.

When something in life is unfair, choose to succeed anyway. Don’t focus on what is unfair; work to make that unfairness so small and insignificant it won't even matter. It’s similar to Dale Carnegie’s old quote: “When life gives you lemons, make Lemonade.” The point is to turn negatives into positives. All we have to do is to focus on the right things. Let’s try it.