We can feel good or bad for no reason at all. In fact, we can choose to feel any way we wish at any time and in any situation. The bottom line, basically, is that it's our choice.

Whatever we desire, we desire because of the way we think it will make us feel. Whatever we avoid, we avoid because we don't wish to experience the feelings that we assume it will bring about. Essentially we are afraid to experience the pain and discomfort of rejection or failure.

However, the fact is that our feelings are not really controlled by our circumstances. Those feelings are determined by how we choose to respond to various events and situations.

Our feelings in any moment in time are ours to choose. We can choose to feel the wonderful reality of our most treasured thoughts and dreams long before they have been fully achieved.

When we choose to think and feel this way, we put ourselves in a positive, truly powerful place from which we can surely make those dreams real. When we feel good for no reason, we immediately begin to create the reasons. It's a natural reaction. When we think positive thoughts, we look for positive things to happen. It becomes a chain-reaction. Thinking negatively will also create a chain-reaction, but it won't bring about the same result.

Let's decide right now to choose each day to think and feel the waywechoose, regardless of what surrounds us. Let our thoughts and feelings pull us toward the fulfillment of our wants and desires. The bottom line-it's our choice. And in that famous line in one of the Indiana Jones action films, "Choose wisely."