If we don't want to be burdened with problems, then we shouldn’t create them. Instead, we can use the exact same circumstances to create positive possibilities.

Whether or not something is a problem depends on the way we respond. Therefore, we can choose a personal or professional life filled with problems or a life that's relatively free of them.

Definitely there are difficult and challenging situations that come our way on a regular, if not daily, basis. However, do we gain anything by turning those situations into problems? I can’t think of any.

We should commit to transform those difficulties and challenges into opportunities for success. If we just choose to seek it, there is usually a realistic and workable way so we need to commit ourselves to finding it.

Rather than being weighed down by problems, we can be energized by opportunities and possibilities. Instead of fighting against what we don't want, we can be working toward what we most desire to happen.

We can help free ourselves from problems by never creating them, or being part of their creation, in the first place. Let’s focus our energies on the positive possibilities and bring the best of them to life. We will realize a significant transformation on our lives and the lives of those who depend on us.