Many shy away from challenges for a lot of reasons, including fear of failure. If you are someone who does this routinely, you are missing opportunities and need to change your thought process.

We should be eager to take on difficult tasks. They are the ones that enable us to create great value. Meaningful challenges will motivate and inspire us to be our best. They will compel us to sharpen our skills and to discover new resources.

As long as we are going to be passing through time on our life’s journey, we might as well make it count for as much as possible. Therefore, why not spend our time solving the complicated problems and tackling difficult challenges.

When we are willing to take on tough assignments, there will always be opportunities to do so. These opportunities just naturally find their way to the doorstep of people who have proven worthy and can handle challenges. When this happens, we will enjoy the rich rewards for completing those assignments and a reputation of getting the job done.

Fulfillment never comes from taking the path of least resistance. The biggest payoffs come from successfully working through the most demanding challenges.

When there's difficult work to be done, volunteer, or jump in and do it. The best opportunities will always be yours to take. Why not start today and reap the rewards?