If we quit before the work is completed, the work we’ve done was for nothing. Let’s honor the time and effort we've already put into it by finishing what we started.

If we plant a seed, water it just for a few days and then stop, we might as well have never planted it. We need to direct our focus again and again toward those things we've committed to completing.

Remember how it feels to be inspired for a few minutes or for a day or two? It feels great. However, being inspired for a lifetime is what actually achieves good and wonderful results.

We need to remind ourselves what truly extraordinary opportunities we are being given. Then, we need to remind ourselves again, and again, on every day, in each new situation. We are being blessed with other opportunities to achieve wonderful things.

Let’s feel the joy and purposeful power of being alive. Then we can commit ourselves to staying connected to that feeling.

Don't settle for just a few moments here and there of brilliance and inspiration. Don’t settle for less than success. Don’t waste the effort. Make life's opportunities and richness a full-time thing.