Effectively dealing with rejection can be a challenge. We all face it but that doesn’t make it any easier.  Most of us can handle physical pain, but when it comes to rejection or disapproval, it is more about dealing with psychological pain.


In addition to being painful rejection can be a psychological downer.  When we are hoping or expecting, a positive outcome from our efforts, a rejection can negatively affect our self-esteem and cause us to go into a mental tail spin.  This can result in withdrawal and isolation – if not physical then mental pain.  Our personal and professional lives suffer.


It’s not possible to go through life without periodic disapproval or rejection. However, rejection is part of our growth.  If we want to truly develop, personally or professionally, we have to be willing to embrace disapproval or rejection.  Not because we like hearing no but because it can open up our minds and expand or paradigms.


The only way to avoid rejection is to build a wall around our comfort zone.  This shields us from the outside world and places severe limitations on our willingness to learn new things and lower our self-image. We become afraid of what might happen.


When rejection's sting becomes unbearable it can further our own feeling of self-rejection. However, the pain is less deep and less lasting when we basically affirm ourselves. That is why it is so important for us to behave in ways that build our self-image and self-esteem. By not isolating ourselves from disapproval and rejection we are able to see what can be learned; therefore. we can adapt and move forward.  When we can do this, we begin to feel better about ourselves.


Think about it.