Have you ever consciously thought about what it takes to be successful? Have you ever thought other people are more successful because they are smarter, more "in the know" or better connected? If you answered “Yes”, you are normal because we’ve all had those same thoughts at some point. 

Sometimes the answer to success is much less complicated. When we stop to think about success, it may be as much about our own approach, our own thoughts and actions that speak much louder than anything else. I was thinking about this last evening and jotted down some thoughts. Consider the following:


You have what it takes to achieve genuine and lasting excellence.


Whatever you might think, it’s not too late because you are at a good starting point. You have what it takes to move forward with confidence in the direction of your own choosing.


Success and fulfillment and excellence and achievement are not merely matters of luck. Rather, they flow directly from the choices you make.


You have what it takes to choose the path that will take you to your most treasured dreams. It is a path that is chosen not once, but over and over again in each thought, each action, and each decision you make.


You have what it takes to be focused, disciplined, purposeful and effective. For you can think and act, learn and adapt, work and build toward any goal you choose to follow.


You have what it takes to do the things that must be done to get where you really want to go. Choose to make use of your outstanding abilities now, and again and again, as each day with renewed opportunities goes by.


I want you to really think about the following this statements and embed them in your subconscious. Choose a trail where few have traveled and leave a path for others to follow. When choosing a path less traveled, clear the obstacles and be the beacon that others will want to follow. You will become the model that others will choose to emulate.


What you choose has a direct impact on your success. It is within your power of choice. You have what it takes to succeed.  All you have to do is move forward with confidence.  Not everything will come easy and there will be obstacles in your way but if you truly remain focused you will find a way to be successful.  You can do it!