Everyday it seems as though we are faced with challenges that put roadblocks in our path. In order to help maneuver around or through these roadblocks, we need to think of them as opportunities.

Regardless of whether these opportunities are in our professional or personal lives, we have to be prepared to face those challenges. You might consider the following thoughts and hopefully find them helpful.

Do you want to do more than merely wish for success? You can help yourself by visualization or imagining, in detail, what success will look like. In your mind, visualize reaching your goals: not only seeing yourself ‘crossing the finish line,’ but actually feeling the euphoric ‘high’ that success or achievement creates!

Whatever your goal may be, clear visualization is a critical step towards achievement and success. See yourself going there and you will develop an understanding of precisely how to make it happen.

Success can be turned into reality when you visualize yourself working your way through every step of that opportunity. Imagination is the starting point in bridging the gap between where you are and where you would like to be.

The very act of imagination forces you to accept that certain things are indeed possible for you. Once those possibilities gain a foothold in your belief system, they begin to grow into real, tangible achievements.

I am not saying visualization or imagination will automatically make things turn out exactly the way you want them, but they can be a powerful allies to give you an edge.

Everything you’ve ever done, you first needed to do it in your mind. Many professional athletes use visualization to give them an edge. They lock into a zone in which they see their goal actually unfolding before their eyes.

Mike Krzyzewski, famed Duke University basketball coach, said: “I always won in my imagination. We always hit the game-winning shot or made the free throw. Or if we missed, there was a lane violation and we were given another chance.”

Use the power of visualization to imagine the best possible outcome,, and you will discover it’s an incredible edge.