The ASQ Inspection Division Conference brought quality professionals to Louisville this week to learn more about measurement in the digital age. Keynotes by Mahr and Google provided a closer look at today’s quality challenges.

Austin Lin, Google technical program manager, conducted a mini-workshop around quality professionals and emerging technologies. He asked attendees to work in pairs to discuss data sources they use at work, how and where this data is stored, and how easy it is to retrieve this data. At one point, he discussed AI and showed photos of eight people. Then he revealed that none of these people exist.  The photos were created using artificial intelligence.

During his keynote, Pat Nugent of Mahr said that the connotations of the word inspection can be negative. Though it is important, he said the trends in quality are moving from inspection to in-process, from measurement labs to the shop floor, closer to the process.

Data quality was another theme, and knowing the “pedigree” of the data. Presentations covered a range of topics, from medical device auditing to workflow optimization to automated gaging, along with sessions on 5S, corrective action, data security, and “inspectations.” Companies also provided product tutorials for items such as RFID technology, optical comparators, and software.

In addition, tours were offered at the Louisville Slugger Factory & Museum, Papa John’s, 3 Space, and the Evan Williams Speakeasy and Old Forester Distillery.


Next year’s event has not been scheduled yet, but the ASQ World Conference will be held May 3-6 in Columbus, Ohio.