Have you ever considered how important beliefs and expectations are and the role they play in our lives? I believe they have more influence in what happens than some of us think. Certainly, not everything is within our control and bad things happen to good, unsuspecting people, but we want to address the general concept of positive thinking.

Have you ever noticed that people who expect the best in life usually seem to get it? But the reverse also seems to be true. If you expect the worst is going to happen, it generally does, or at least the outcome isn’t what you hoped it would be. Do you think it happens that way due to coincidence or luck? Or is something else going on?

One of the things I’ve subscribed to and stressed to many people I’ve mentored over the years is that we move forward and become like that which we think about. We behave not in accordance with the truth but with the truth as we perceive and believe it to be. Therefore, when you expect the best from yourself and others, you behave in ways that almost guarantee you are going to get it.

However, the same seems to be true when you expect trouble. You set yourself up for trouble in numerous little ways and sure enough, trouble comes knocking at your door.

What do you expect for yourself? Do you expect to do the things you dream about or do you expect obstacles, opposition and eventual disappointment?

What do you expect from your family, friends, co-workers and yourself? Do you expect excellence, integrity and respect? Why not try truly expecting the best? It’s a habit that can be learned and it’s likely the best habit you get others to practice as well.

Try it, nothing to lose and a lot more to be gained by believing in the power of positive beliefs and expectations.

Think about it…