It’s a safe bet that everyone has used excuses to avoid doing something or to delay the inevitable. However, have you really thought much about those excuses?

The more excuses you come up with to avoid doing something, the more important it is to get it done. After all, if it didn’t really matter, you likely wouldn’t bother with all the excuses.

Whatever it is you feel like resisting, is what you must find a way to accomplish. Because when you can get past your inner resistance, what you’ll be able to create has significant value.

It is much easier to give in to the excuses. However, when you do give in all you’re left with is regret.

Rather than take the easier path by using the excuses, it is more difficult to do those things you know you’re capable of doing. From that difficulty, however, comes the golden experience of the life you were meant to experience.

As with all significant things you will be confronted with frustration, doubt, apprehension and fear of failure. That is perfectly normal and expected. The trick is to take all that energy and turn it around!

Step confidently forward in the direction that is most challenging to you. Because in that same direction, you’ll also find what is most rewarding…to you. Choose to forego what is easy right now.

Chose instead to move forward into the realm of what could be the most rewarding time of your life and to those who surround you. All you have to lose are those excuses and a lot of regret but there is so much more to be gained.

Think about it…