For those who lived through the 90's there was a realization that decade was a time of rapid change. And for those who believed the 21st century would be no different, were definitely correct.

Although, the current times seems more unsettling than even the last decade, live goes on. In a recent article of December 22, 2019, Matt Ridley wrote in Spectator, that the world has seen less pollution, fewer people living below poverty levels, and a host of other positive results, etc.

While most of these results are due to innovation, there is something more responsible. The ability to quickly adapt is still a survival skill, one that has set the human species apart.

One of the secrets to success and happiness in these changing times is the ability to be flexible - the power to adapt. Some people make themselves miserable by being very stubborn about their plans for the future. They choose a path and refuse to deviate from it, no matter what might happen along the way.

Now, persistence and tenacity are normally great qualities to have, but when it's necessary to take a new direction, resistance can keep us stuck in the mud. I suggest the happiest and most successful people are those who are eager to learn new ways. They adapt to new systems when the old ones don't work or are eager to adapt when something better comes along.

If one career path fails, they enthusiastically learn a new way to make a living. Further, if people frustrate them and they see that these folks aren't going to change, they accept them the way they are and relax, or they express their regrets without judging or blaming and move on.

The Alcoholics Anonymous "serenity" prayer says: Change what you can, accept what you can't, and cultivate the wisdom to know the difference. To these profound words I would suggest adding, "believe wholeheartedly in your ability to do both!"

Think about it…