We may not be able to change another person’s reality, but it is possible to change yours. To change your reality, first identify meaningful, compelling reasons or expectations, and use them to drive events forward.

Are you satisfied with the reality of your current life? If not, do you realize that you have the power to change it? If your current reality (your life) isn't working, change it. If there are limitations or barriers holding you back, remove them.

Reality is what you make of it. Life is defined by the way you choose to live it. So…if it doesn’t fit your expectations, make adjustments.

To make adjustments, don’t despair but, for now, accept the way things are. They are what they are. However, accepting the way things are doesn’t mean they can’t change. Accepting just means understanding what your current reality is at this moment in time. Next, focus your energy into a vision of exactly what you would like things to be.

Everything in your world happens for a reason. Think about it. You usually get what you expect and no more. To change your reality, change your expectations and work toward a new reality.

You don't have to settle for anything less than the absolute best for yourself and those in your world. You can, and should, act in every moment with the positive, purposeful energy of your life.

Give your sincere best in every moment, in every situation. Slowly, but surely, your current reality will become your new reality. How quickly that happens depends on many factors, much of which is under your control and influence. Begin today to make your reality of tomorrow achievable. You can determine the greatness that lies within.

Think about it…