BENSENVILLE, IL-Quality magazine's first annual Plant of the Year award goes to Diamond Electric Manufacturing Corp. (Eleanor, WV). The automotive ignition coil manufacturer has taken tremendous steps to reduce defects and improve product quality. Diamond Electric performs daily error-proofing audits and layered process audits. Three different levels of plant management conduct the layered audit which is performed daily on every shift.

Since 1998, our Plant of the Year winner has received a Toyota Delivery and Quality Award each year. In addition, Diamond Electric became the first U.S. supplier to build an ignition coil for the Lexus SUV engine. The company's commitment to quality has allowed it to grow from a 50,000-square-foot facility and 3.4 million in capacity to 110,000 square-feet and more than 13 million in capacity in less than two years.

To reduce defects and scrape, this year's winner gives its operators the ability to stop the manufacturing process and notify management of a defect failure mode. Operators are encouraged to participate in Kaizen activities to help improve their manufacturing process.

Along with our winner, Quality recognizes four honorees for their achievement in quality manufacturing. This years honorees are: Peterbilt Motors Co., Denton, TX; LSI Logic Manufacturing Services, Gresham, OR; EMC-Franklin Manufacturing, Franklin, MA; Dana Corp.-Elizabeth, KY Frame Plant.

Quality magazine's Plant of the Year award is designed to recognize plants that have applied world-class quality technology, equipment, services and techniques that have resulted in reducing scrap, rework, warranty or manufacturing costs, improving productivity or cycle time and increasing capacity or improving adherence to quality standards.

Look for full coverage of Diamond Electric and our four honorees, in Quality's May issue.