Grenville Castings Ltd. manufactures high quality, low pressure and permanent mold aluminum castings.

Grenville Castings Ltd. (Ontario, Canada) manufactures high quality, low pressure and permanent mold aluminum castings. As its business expanded, Grenville, which operates from three manufacturing facilities in Ontario, faced tighter delivery times, increased project management time because of complexity of projects and QS-9000 requirements, and cost issues as it worked to implement and manage a QS-9000-based quality system.

To address these issues, the company integrated MQ1 software from Cebos (Brigh-ton, MI). MQ1 enterprise software is a fully integrated, relational database covering all elements of quality system requirements. The software helped Grenville identify goals and integrate a comprehensive quality initiative across the organization. Factory floor data became visible to executive level management. Time spent on project management decreased, documentation control was automated and customer response time decreased.

With Cebos' MQ1 software, Grenville was able to save more than $130,000 annually. This included annual savings of $50,000 in administrative costs, and another $60,000 annually in estimated savings because of completing projects on time. In addition, the time to complete Part Production Approval Process administrative paperwork decreased from 2 days to only 2 hours, which represented savings of $20,000 each year. Project management administrative time was cut by 50% and new product time-to-market decreased by 20%.

"The software has enabled us to successfully implement quality systems," says Mitch Hart, Grenville's director of technical services, "and to pass our

QS-9000 audit on the first attempt."


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