Shipments of industrial laser equipment and systems for North America and U.S. exports were down 13% for the second quarter of 2001 when compared to the same quarter of last year, according to the Laser Systems Product Group of The Association for Manufacturing Technology. Shipments within North America totaled $105.5 million while exports amounted to $38.4 million.

Cutting applications were the largest source of industrial laser activity in the second quarter of 2001, accounting for almost 45% of all shipments. In addition, 50% of all industrial lasers shipped for the year were CO2 lasers, and more than 80% of total shipments were laser systems made up of a laser source and workstation.

CO2 laser shipments decreased 18% from the second quarter of 2000. Shipments for Nd:YAG lasers decreased 6% compared to the same time last year.