FORT LAUDERDALE, FL—Quality can be improved with an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system because manufacturers are forced to implement standard procedures and maintain accurate data for the system to work effectively.

According to a survey of operations and quality assurance managers by consulting firm TR Cutler Inc., ERP systems also help improve quality by providing a record of how products are built vs. how they were designed. ERP systems also help manufacturers identify problems with incoming parts and materials. In fact, 72% of respondents indicated that ERP Systems provided vital information on the performance of vendors regarding delivery, quantity and quality.

The survey also found that ERP systems can be enhanced when they are integrated with quality management systems (QMS). Whereas ERP systems can report that 10% of parts failed inspection, a QMS system can report trends that can be used to uncover root causes. By eliminating the root causes, future defects can be avoided.