Nikon Instruments Inc. (Melville, NY), a manufacturer of precision optics, has formed two new business divisions -- Microscopy Sales and Microscopy Product/Marketing. The new divisions are part of the Instruments Group and will combine the bioscience and industrial microscope departments but will split the product/marketing and sales functions. Segmenting these two functions will allow Nikon to be more flexible and respond more quickly to market needs and customers.

Hiro Kusaka, Nikon's president and CEO, says, "The new group will position Nikon to drive innovation, expand the strength of its technology base and build upon its current success in the marketplace. Nikon is well-positioned to invest in its future and meet the opportunity."

Lee Shuett, a 29-year veteran of Nikon, heads the Instruments Group. Stan Schwartz will manage the Microscopy Product/Marketing division, and Michael Brady will oversee the Microscopy Sales division.