Six Sigma Event

Rudy Giuliani will tell you exactly what you need to know about leadership to improve your Six Sigma results this January.

Following on the success of last year, which saw the biggest ever gathering of Six Sigma professionals under one roof anywhere and at any time worldwide, The 7th annual Six Sigma Summit 2006 ( is all about the "how-to" of regeneration. How do you achieve a renovation of Six Sigma?

The SBTI will run the pre-conference workshop - "Six Sigma: The First 90 Days". Workshop leaders Dr. Steve Zinkgraf, CEO & Debby Sollenberger, VP of Business Development will show you how to get quick financial return on your investment and align your program to your overall business strategy. For more information about SBTI please visit:

And of course the winners of 2006's Six Sigma Excellence awards will be announced at the event.