ANNECY, FRANCE-Alcatel Vacuum Technology France has acquired Sensistor Technologies of Sweden, a company that develops, manufactures and supplies innovative solutions for leak detection. Sensistor’s portfolio encompasses leak detection and measuring instruments that use a safe hydrogen mixture as a tracer gas.

Sensistor Technologies, founded in 1981, manufactures hydrogen sensitive leak detectors. During the past five years, Sensistor has introduced this technology to several industries including automotive, aerospace and medical, as well as telecommunications companies and utilities. For example, automotive and aircraft manufacturers use the solution to avoid fuel tank leaks; appliance companies that produce air-conditioning circuits use it to make sure refrigerant gas charge remains constant.

Alcatel Vacuum Technology will expand its solution portfolio with the addition of Sensistor hydrogen leak detectors. This new product range will enable Alcatel to offer its customers the choice between a hydrogen detection technique with lightweight, portable middle range sensitivity instrumentation, and a helium detection technique with high sensitivity, hard vacuum or sniffing units. The transaction will enable Sensistor’s hydrogen leak detection solutions to be distributed worldwide through the Alcatel international sales network.