NORWOOD, MA-Instron receives accreditation from NVLAP to perform displacement verifications in compliance with ASTM E 2309. Instron is one of the first calibration providers to receive accreditation for the standard. ASTM recommends at least annual verification of displacement measuring systems.

Operators should verify the machine's displacement measuring system if any of the following apply: displacement is critical to testing needs and is reported in the test results; crosshead extension to characterize strain when the use of an extensometer is impractical or impossible; crosshead or actuator displacement to characterize displacement of a specimen or component; LVDTs commonly found in servohydraulic systems often are not linear throughout their range; and displacement reading or crosshead or actuator position must be precise and repeatable.

The standard verification includes five data points within the range specified by the customer, but up to 20 data points can be verified if required. The crosshead or actuator position reading is compared to a precision high-resolution glass scale displacement standard with calibration directly traceable to NIST.