The model MV-140-SE optical comparator provides an erect image. The unit comes standard with separate ultra-bright surface and profile illumination that can be used independently or together. One-micron scales yield 0.0001-inch resolution. The stage is a high-capacity 4½ inches by 19 inches with 8-inch horizontal and 4-inch vertical travel. All is mounted on a welded steel frame. Also included is the MV-DRO2 digital readout. It has a part view function, which allows it to show the relationship between all part features. It also has a 5.7-inch LCD and can perform the direct measurement of circles, arcs, angles, points, lines, distance and perpendicularity. The readout provides auto-enter, looping and auto-finish features. The MV-DRO2 also includes a 360-degree protractor, edge detection, multiple languages, output to SPC or printer, metric/inch conversion and skew capability.

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