Management has long sought a more effective way to establish goals, prioritize and control operational efforts, improve corporate performance and predict bottom-line results. A new book,The Integrated Enterprise Excellence System: An Enhanced, Unified Approach to Balanced Scorecards, Strategic Planning, and Business Improvement, provides a roadmap for achieving these goals.

A radical departure from conventional management thinking and practices, The Integrated Enterprise Excellence (IEE) roadmap provides state-of-the-art methods to establish and monitor metrics, set organizational goals, and prioritize the work efforts of everyone in a company to continually improve corporate results and share owner values. A foolproof process, it also provides unprecedented control of an enterprise in combating efforts to use metrics and financial practices in fraudulent ways.

IEE is a system of checks and balances that stay in place regardless of management continuity, changes in competitive conditions, or the economic climate. It is a powerful business system that blends Lean and Six Sigma into an overall process by taking management to the next level of skill development for improving customer service and bottom line growth. It replaces fire fighting with fire prevention and prevents initiation of quality and other initiatives that may be counterproductive. It does not simply identify flaws in an operational process; it determines whether the process itself is flawed.

Author Forrest W. Breyfogle III, is a management thought leader and innovator, is founder and CEO of Smarter Solutions He serves on the Board of Advisors for the University of Texas Center for Performing Excellence and received the Crosby Medal from the American Society for Quality for an earlier book,Implementing Six Sigma.

The book can be ordered throughwww.smartsolutions.comfor $16.95. Comments from a wide range of business executives who have reviewed the book’s contents are available on request and are summarized in the book’s introductory section and foreword.