AUBURN HILLS, MI, March 18-Supplier of precision metrology equipment, Marposs S.p.A., Bologna, Italy, announces the acquisition of Kern S.A.S., a supplier of high-precision mechanical gages and assemblies located in Chelles, France, a suburb of Paris. In business since 1954, Kern S.A.S. produces tailor-made, gaging solutions, mechanical assemblies and measuring equipment from simple hard gages to automatic measuring machines. Its products are primarily used by manufacturers in the aerospace and automotive industries. The company employs approximately 40 people.

The purchase by Marposs of Kern S.A.S. follows the recent acquisition of Control Gaging Inc. (Ann Arbor, Michigan), as well as the 2006 acquisition of Trace, a French manufacturer of leak testing machines used in assembly applications.

Marposs S.p.A. president, Stefano Possati, says that additional future acquisitions are likely to be made by the firm. “Our goal is growing in a solid and continued way both in our traditional and new markets,” says Possati. “Purchasing quality companies with products that are complementary to those of Marposs is a tool that we will continue using in addition to our strong activity in research and development inside the company.”