The Epoch LTC digital ultrasonic flaw detector weighs 2.12 pounds and can be used in a range of weather conditions and inspection environments. Its sealed case meets IP67 requirements and the multi-color transflective LCD with full VGA resolution provides readability in any light environment. The unit has a keypad that allows full control from the left or right hand for direct access to important functions. The instrument is EN 12668-1 compliant and has a square wave pulser, selectable digital filtering, gain range from 1 to 110 decibels, peak memory, 0.001-inch measurement resolution and one gate with programmable alarm. Dynamic DAC/TVG software is standard and application-specific software options are available. The unit can store 50,000 IDs of inspection data internally. Its on-board USB port facilitates fast transfer of data and the VGA output allows viewing of the waveform display on remote computer or projector screens.